Agua Marina Jogger


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• 35 mm aqua and black elastic waistband.
• Aqua and black cotton body with aqua mesh pockets.
• Aqua cotton cup with black stitching.
• Black piping around cup and pockets.

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Submerge into the spotlight with the PUMP! Agua Marina Jogger. Its cotton body, mesh pockets, flexible waistband, and athletic leg elastic make this boxer fully supportive and practical. With a seamless aqua and black color fusion, this underwear is a statement piece that is a guaranteed showstopper. Whether working hard, playing hard, or taking it easy, the Agua Marina Jogger is a statement underwear that’ll keep you feeling cool, comfortable, and always ready for more.

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8 reviews for Agua Marina Jogger

  1. Paul K.

    Great underwear, but I’ve notice that the cup/pouch material is much thinner then they use to be. The cup/pouch use to be 2 layers and now it’s only one, which doesn’t give the same amount of support.

  2. Guest

    They lift your butt, and the pockets are kind of amazing. 10/10 would recommend.

  3. Carlos R.

    Loved this product, perfect fit and feel

  4. Lars

    I prefer the mesh cups to the cotton ones but the color is super pretty on these so Im probably going to buy the rest of the line.

  5. David O.

    This jogger is great to wear working out. Very soft and comfortable. Great fit.

  6. Matthias H.

    Nice Colour and great Style.

  7. Darrin K.

    One was a gift, one was for me. Both fit well, feel great and look even better.

  8. Matthias H.

    After over 7 months finally a new model

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